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Agents for Change

Virtual Leadership


Where Passion and Purpose
Meet Empowerment and Initiative
Join Leaders from Around the World in a Global Virtual Leadership 1 year Program.
Discover, Develop, and Unleash Your Leadership, alongside other Change Agents on a Community Platform. 

Registration Opens Nov 1, 2024
Deadline: Jan 15, 2025
First Zoom Call:   Saturday, Jan 18, 2025 @ 9am EST


Have you ever had a dream that you considered impossible?


Did you convince yourself that it wouldn't work, or that other responsibilities were more pressing?


Many people talk themselves out of their dreams, believing that there's no room for them in the practicalities of life.

and here is the thing, while they're telling themselves what they can't do, you could be doing the things you thought you couldn't do! 

The School of Influence Virtual Leadership Program will equip you with time-tested proven principles of success.



This program is made affordable in the marketplace to ensure that everyone has access to life changing knowledge at under $4 per day. 

**All zoom meetings, courses, workbooks, and recommended reading are purchased as you move through the program.


See the breakdown below:




STEP #1 - Register or Inquiry request at bottom of this page

  • $99 Individual Registration

  • $150 Couple Registration

STEP #2 - Create a free account on the Agents of Change APP 
   Preview of Courses

    Each course is purchased through the Agents For Change Training website

  • Level 1: Discovery of True Success:

    • Course 1: Identity Issue $99

    • Course 2: Power of Potential & Pinpointing Your Purpose $79

    • Course 3: Power & Process of Vision $99

  • Level 2: Principles of True Success:

    • Course 1: Keys to True Personal Success $79

    • Course 2: Kingdom Economics & Business Principles $99

Per Course Zoom call: $120 per course​ individual / $160 Couple   ($600 for year individual / $800 couple)

Interactive zoom calls by Head Facilitator Xavier H. and other experts in their field - in a shared learning environment.

  • Zoom Calls are bi-monthly (every other Saturdays each month at 9 am EST)  

  • First Zoom Call:  Jan 18, 2025  @ 9 am EST      (Graduation Dec 2025)

Also Included with Enrollment:


  • Closed Facebook Group

  • Two 30-Minute Coaching Sessions (recommended after Vision statement is complete)



Course Requirements:

  • Access to a Smartphone and Internet

  • Committed to Discovering, Developing, and Unleashing who you are as a Leader and Agent of Change

  • Recommend Reading Books for each course (purchase separately on Amazon)

I am interested in Introductory Zoom Call

Saturday Jan 4,2025   @ 9am (30 mins.)