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The Self Discovery Virtual Leadership Program

Have you ever found yourself daydreaming, only to convince yourself that it's impossible, firing off the countless reasons why it won't work.


You push that dream away, telling yourself there are more pressing matters, like providing for your family. So, you settle for being "realistic" and focus on what you need to do just to get by...


After all, there's no room for dreams that don't pay the bills.  Right? 


Well, Imagine a life where all of your excuses were canceled and you were allowed to live the life that you daydream about... Would you pursue that dream if you had no excuses holding you back?


God himself, the Creator of the the universe, the earth and everything that dwells inside, placed a dream within you so that you would see it and fulfill it!


Pretty amazing, right? What a great thought to think, that you were created for life because of that dream you see.


Take a moment to think of your dream as the picture(s) of your future. What do you see? 


Can you imagine that you are now living that life? 


That dream that you see is your future. That’s your purpose in life.


You see that dream because you're meant to bring it to life in this world.


Your dreams are the blueprints of your future, but it's up to you to follow. 


Sure, you can talk yourself out of your dreams due to the financial demands that life imposes on you, many people choose that path.. 


Or you could decide that you want to pursue the path designed specially for you!


And this is where the self discovery course becomes paramount in your journey. 


In the School of Influence, you will be in an environment that will help you unearth your dreams and equip you with the principles of success.


You'll practice applying these principles to your life as you move through the program because the process leading into personal success is a principle that must be initiated and applied. Success is not a lucky draw nor is it rationed.


Understanding how principles work – will take the guesswork out of life and eliminate uncertainty about your future. You will develop bold confidence about pursuing your dreams.


With our self discovery program, you become the person who says no to everything in life that does not line up with your purpose. You will control your destiny because you decided to pursue the very thing that your Creator placed inside of you to do. That is your vision. 


Your purpose is your key to ultimate fulfillment. The kind of fulfillment that nothing else will ever satisfy, not a spouse, not family, not children, not money.. Not everything in the world will make you feel 100% satisfied, until you discover the reason why you were born and start living it. 


And that's precisely what we're here to help you with – to uncover that dream that you must fulfill and document your vision in a way that creates a roadmap for your entire life, shaping how you spend your time.


You will develop the confidence to boldly pursue your purpose and live the life that you have truly always dreamed of! This is personal success! 


If you’re ready for this transformation, then this program is for you!


RSVP for your seat in the 2024 SOI Virtual Leadership program and join a community of change agents who, like you, want a supportive group of likeminded people to go on their self discovery journey with. 


With SOI, you are not just taking an online course. You are joining a global community network with change agents from around the world who are also ready to take their life serious and fulfill their calling! 

Are you ready to take the next step? 

Leave your contact info below to book a discovery call with the program facilitator. 

2024 SOI Virtual Leadership RSVP


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