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 Agents For Change Haiti 

Empowering and Mentoring individuals as they Discover, Develop, and Unleash who they are as true Agents of Change, by initiating change in their community and nation. 

Check out What's Happening in Haiti!

We are looking to sponsor new students in the coming year as they enroll at Royal Institute in Nouvelle Touraine, Haiti. This will provide a first-time education experience for some who have never had the opportunity to attend school and it will take them beyond the textbooks and into their leadership, empowering them to be the leaders that they were created to be! If you would like to contribute to the Christmas Backpacks or Sponsor Education for the Upcoming School Year, click the button below, and specify in the notes what you want your contribution to go towards. We greatly appreciate your contribution, and look forward to seeing the impact that it has on the next generation!

Price for 1-year School Enrollment per Student - $225/year, or $18.75/month

The Change begins with YOU!

Take control of your life and your environment.

It's time to initiate the change you want to see in society.


Join the Movement and become a true agent of change.

For more information, contact us at the Office or on Facebook to find a group in your location.

Education without Revelation and Application is incomplete.

Join others in your nation and become an Agent of Change.

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We would love to hear from you. 

Contact our office with any inquiries or testimonies.

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