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Covering Questionaire

 Greetings and Happy New 2024

There have been numerous inquiries regarding a way to stay connected and communicate with Agents For Change.  For those of you that desire this as well, I am going to offer 2 -3 zoom calls annually, for as long as the demand is there. This will simply be a time to connect, share and ask questions. 

That being said,  I realize some of you are in different seasons and have lost touch. Perhaps you no longer need the affiliation with us and I wanted to offer a way for you to opt-out and rescind your covering with AFC. 

Whichever category you are in, please fill out this very brief form so we can have

updated information regarding your status. 

Kingdom Blessings, Trista Sue

Covering Questionaire

What are you interested in?

Thanks for responding!

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