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Be a part of something that is bigger than you!

Join other Next Generation Agents of Change all over the world who are making a difference and initiating lasting change in their families, communities, nations and the world!

Get Started Below!

Youth Solving Global Issues 

#YouthLeadChange! In the Youth Solve Global Issues Section we display issues that youth are working towards solving around the world. Click on the pins to view each story and how you can get involved. If do not see the issue that you want to solve here, we challenge you to write an essay or create a video where you discuss this issue and how you are working to solve it. We want to add them to the website so other agents of change in your generation can be aware and see how they can be involved to solve these issues. Send your essay and video to We look forward to receiving it!

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Hall of Leaders

Everyone is created to be a leader, including YOU!  Do you know someone who is using their gifts to serve humanity and lead change in their community? We have placed a few leaders from the Next Generation in the Hall of Leaders. Share your story or the story of another leader in your generation. Write an essay or make a video about them and send it to us at We will it in the Hall of Leaders!

Leader Bio: Activist Malala Yousafzai

Malala is a leader and activist for education for all. Read her story here:

Leader Bio: Activist

Joshua Wong

Joshua Wong is the Co-Founder of Scholarism. Read his

story here: 

Leader Bio: Chef Flynn McGarry

Flynn McCurry, a famous chef, started on his dream when he was young. Read his story here:

Your Next Entry Here

Make this spot yours. Share about how you or someone you know leads in your community.

Selfie Connection

It's time to take a selfie! We want to see where all of the Next Generation Agents of Change are. Once you get your E.P.I.C. Guidebook, take a selfie with your E.P.I.C. near a famous part of your town, city, or country and then send it to We will post it in the Selfie Connection, creating a network of next generation world changers!

Everyone has talent! What is your talent? We want to show the world what the Next Generation can do! Take a video or write about your talent and how you can initiate change. We will post a video or written talent on our Facebook and Instagram once a week so the world can see what the Next Generation is made of. These posts will also appear on our the social media strip on the below and may be showcased on our youtube channel. Send us you videos and written talents to We can't wait to see what you send us!

Youth Making Change in the Media

Check Out The School of Influence: Next Generation YouTube Channel

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