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School of Influence Lion Head

Discover Yourself & Initiate Change in

Your Generation, Community and Nation

Let the change begin with YOU!

Everyone has the ability to be a leader and true agent of change, but it takes a certain mentality to become one. Change must start with your mentality; then it can extend to your realm of influence. The School of Influence for Agents of Change™ mentorship program was created to guide you through two strategic levels: 

Success and Significance.

Developed by Trista Sue Kragh, the author of Figure It Out, this mentorship program was designed to teach you how to take control of your life, your environment, and initiate the change you want to see in society. This program will help you discover your true identity, pinpoint your purpose, and document your life vision.

This will create a road map to guide you towards your God-given destiny and become an influencer for the Kingdom of God and a true agent of change. 

Let's Get Started!

Mentorship & Training

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Program Outline & Features

-  Level One -  

-  Level Two -  

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Program Features

  • 100% Self-Paced Online eCourse - enroll in the Online program on Your Own Device
  • or start a Group Study using the Workbooks and Group Study Kits
  • or enroll in the Virtual Mentorship Program (Open enrollment for 2021 begins October 2020)
  • All programs include:
  • Exclusive Video or Audio Lectures With Course Instructor, Trista Sue Kragh
  • Assessments, Group Discussions, and Homework
  • Student Workbooks
  • Optional Interactive Mentorship with the Agents For Change Team


"This Course is great for everyone...!"


This Course is great for everyone who wants to discover their purpose and use eternal tools and strategies to manifest it. Trista's teaching is clear, concise, and straight forward, which makes it easy to implement. I enjoy every part of the training and watch it transform me into an agent of change! 

- Karen K.

"They are truly life changing."


Thank you so much for offering these courses. They are truly life changing. I am so happy that Trista was able to mentor with Dr. Munroe and that his legacy will continue.

- Donna B.

"I am delighted to say that this experience has

impacted me greatly."


I am delighted to say that this experience has impacted me greatly. I am more aware of my purpose and my identity. I am excited about my future and the journey am on to satisfaction and fulfillment 

- Melissa C.

The School of Influence Course Materials:

Continue to dive deeper into the principles of self-discovery as you develop into a true agent of change and make an impact in society with the School of Influence Workbooks. 

Each purchase that you make in regards to the School of Influence will not only benefit you and your community, it will benefit other agents of change in third-world countries. A portion of the proceeds from each sale of these resource materials will assist developing agents of change in third-world countries as they progress through the self-discovery process and begin to make an impact in society.

Purchase Options*:
School of Influence Workbook Level 1 - $100 - Currently Sold Out
School of Influence Workbook Level 2 - $100 - Currently Sold Out
School of Influence Workbook Set - $175 - Currently Sold Out
School of Influence DVD set - $350
School of Influence Facilitator's Kit (see below for kit details) - $450 - Currently Sold Out
*Please email for purchasing instructions. Shipping charge not reflected in the pricing above.

Anchor 1
School of Influence Level 1 Workbook
School of Influence Level 2 Workbook
School of Influence Levels 1&2 DVDs
School of Influence Levels 1&2 Workbook
Level 1
Level 2
Levels 1 & 2

Facilitator's Kit
A Facilitator's Kit is now available for group studies which includes the School of Influence Workbooks for Levels 1 and 2, the entire School of Influence videos on DVD, and the E.P.I.C. Guidebook for youth.

Group Facilitator volume discounts available for additional workbooks.

All packages sent via USPS Domestic/International Priority Shipping.

If you are ready to live a successful and significant life,

the School of Influence Program will help you take the first step.

Take control of your life and your environment - 

it's time to initiate the change you want to see in society.

Click on one of the program icons above to get started TODAY.

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