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The youth are not just the leaders of tomorrow; they are also the leaders of today!

The School of Influence: Next Generation lives to provide empowerment to youth around the world, assisting in the development of communities around the globe and bridging gaps through education, mentorship, and discipleship.

Our Mission

To empower positive impact and development in communities

throughout the world one youth and young adult at a time.

Our Vision

Providing access to leadership empowerment and

development opportunities

for youth and young adults globally

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Discover & Activate

Your Leadership

You are a leader and change agent that was created with the capacity and ability to make a difference that leaves a lasting impact on your family, community, nation, society, and the world! Who are you? Why are you here? What can you do? Where are you going?

Let's find out!


Join Your 


There are so many young leaders around the world, just like you, that are ready to make a change in their families, communities, nations, society, and the world. Join your Generation and initiate the change that you dream to see in your community and around the globe. Connect with us on Facebook & Instagram!

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