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Trista Sue Kragh



Trista Sue, a seasoned hotelier with 25 years of experience, isn't just a businesswoman; she's a published author and entrepreneur focused on leadership training. As the founder and President of Agents of Change, she guides individuals to embrace their leadership potential.

Chronicling her journey in "Figure It Out," Trista shares her inspiring transition from a trailer park upbringing to a global woman of influence. Her life's mission is clear: to train individuals to become the leaders they were born to be. Mentoring those in business, government, education, and music, Trista carries forth the legacy of Dr. Munroe, her esteemed mentor.

Through her self-discovery course, The School of Influence, Trista has impacted thousands globally, helping them discover purpose and document their life vision. Married to award-winning architect Matthew Kragh and mother to Maverick and Shiloh, they divide their time between the gulf coast and the mountains.

Charisa Munroe-Wilburn


Charisa Munroe - Wilburn is a motivational and transformational speaker who is activating action in the lives of individuals and organizations sharing the foundational message of purpose, leadership hope and mental wellness. She is the President and CEO of Charisa Munroe, LLC. A training and development brand that serves to empower, transform lives and help others define, develop and deploy their purpose for greatness. Currently serving alongside her brother, Myles Munroe Jr as Co-Founder and President of the Myles and Ruth Munroe Foundation and VP of Munroe Global Inc. 

Charisa's extraordinary story of navigating through her own reality of grief and loss and transforming her own life from tragedy to triumph and from obstacles to opportunity is the inspiration behind her bold mission to teach others that it is possible to do the same. Charisa is a wife to Destry Wilburn of Men of Purpose, Journey to Self Discovery and they are the parents of a beautiful daughter. 


Destry Wilburn


Destry is the visionary and President of, Men of Purpose, Journey to Self Discovery (MOP). The mission of MOP is to teach, motivate and create a cadre of men who are creative, self sufficient, focused, purpose driven and productive citizens of society. Destry has chapters of MOP in both Chicago, IL USA and Burundi, Africa. Destry established his initial chapter in Burundi in 2017 in the capital city of Bujumbura, where he was able to enroll secondary school boys into the program to provide mentorship. 

In 2019 realizing the issues facing young men, in a more resource deprived area, the organization shifted the focus to the province of Kabruwana where they began mentoring younger boys, ages 8-12. MOP mentors and helps to raise 50 young boys and provide financial assistance to single mothers to support their families. Destry's philosophy is that "education is the key that unfolds your future." 


Born to sing, Mr. Carlos Seise embarked on his musical journey at the Conservatory of Music in Puerto Rico. After formal schooling, he continued under the guidance of Carmelo Savoca, also the mentor of the legendary tenor Placido Domingo.

In his independent career, Carlos has graced the stages of prestigious theaters across continents, from Europe and Africa to Asia and the Americas. Notable venues include Carnegie Hall, Grand Rex Theater, Avery Fisher Hall, Antonio Paoli Hall, Esperenza Iris Theater, and the Royal Palace Theater. His enchanting performances extend to sporting arenas like Roberto Clemente Coliseum, WiZink Center, American Airlines Arena, Jose Pachencho Romero, Tetelo Vargas, and Hiram Bithom.

Sharing the stage with luminaries like Placido Domingo, Eva Marton, Diana Soviero, Alfredo Krauss, Mirela Freni, Pablo Elvira, and Justino Diaz, Carlos has also collaborated with esteemed orchestra conductors such as Anton Guadagno, Eugene Kohn, Roberto Abbado, Eduardo Muhler, and Teo Alcantara.

Carlos Seise has captivated audiences of 20,000 to 90,000 people on multiple occasions. His upcoming concerts are set to mesmerize audiences in countries like Greece, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, and Puerto Rico.

Dr. Carlos Seise


Char Seise


Char Seise is an administrator, community development expert and visionary strategist, with a unique approach for building collaborative partnerships to solve community challenges and make positive impact. She is an award-winning grant writer, with extensive experience in program development, fundraising and non-profit management. She has been a presenter at local, regional, state and national community development conferences. As director of Neighborhood Housing Services for the City of Grand Haven, she was instrumental in developing the city’s Financial Empowerment Center, which led to the city receiving an award as the state’s Economic Development Leader of the Year, given to organizations that engage in creative programming and proven as a leader in their field.

She is the co-founder of Global Educational Equipping, (GEE) along with her husband Carlos. GEE is a global non-profit organization that seeks to educate and equip global citizens discover their earthly and eternal purpose. For over 20 years, she has been a supporter of rural evangelical schools in Argentina, assisting in the funding, and development of the schools through government, private and faith-based partnerships.

Xavier & Daija Hinojosa



Xavier Hinojosa, a California native with a deep love for music and people, followed his passion to obtain a degree in music production from ICON Collective in Los Angeles, CA joining the alumni. Beyond his musical pursuits, Xavier is a certified life coach and dedicated mentor for men, emphasizing their role as men, husands and fathers. Mentored by the late Dr. Munroe and having been under the tutelage of Trista Sue for a decade, Xavier is the Head Facilitator of the School of Influence virtual leadership program, empowering individuals to discover their purpose and document their life vision. 

Daija Hinojosa is a seasoned consultant and team trainer, bringing nearly two decades of expertise in cultivating and training 5-star teams. Daija specializes in coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs to excel in team training, drawing on her extensive experience and insights gained from years in the field. Under the tutelage of Trista Sue Kragh, Daija has not only added depth to her professional journey but has also facilitated a seamless transition of skills from the business domain to the arena of politics. In 2022, Daija ventured into the political landscape, running for elected office and demonstrating the versatility of her expertise. Through her roles as a writer, teacher, and mentor, Daija actively contributes to the growth and thriving of individuals and teams, both in business and beyond.

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2024 Agents For Change Symposium
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