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Meet The Facilitators 

Trista Sue Kragh

Founder & CEO, Agents For Change Intl

Meet Trista Sue Kragh, the author of the inspiring book "Figure It Out," chronicling her remarkable transformation from a humble trailer park upbringing to becoming a global woman of influence. Drawing wisdom from her late mentor, the renowned Dr. Myles Munroe, she imparts time-tested principles that have shaped her extraordinary journey.


As a distinguished businesswoman and leadership trainer, Trista's experiences have taken her across the globe. Her travels alongside Dr. Munroe, where they engaged with government officials in the pursuit of nation-transforming initiatives, have left an indelible mark on her life.

Driven by a profound sense of purpose, Trista founded Agents for Change, a platform dedicated to extending the mentorship and leadership training she received from Dr. Munroe. Her commitment to personal development and empowerment has touched the lives of leaders in both business and education. With a heart dedicated to making a difference, Trista Sue Kragh has dedicated her life to the vision of influencing change in culture through self discovery and intentional leadership training. 

Xavier Hinojosa 
Head Facilitator & Coach

Meet Xavier Hinojosa, a DJ, certified life coach, and the Head Facilitator of the School of Influence program. Xavier's profound journey into self-discovery began under the mentorship of Trista Sue in 2014, setting the stage for his personal self discovery transformation.

In 2020, he assumed the pivotal role of Head Facilitator at the School of Influence, a testament to his commitment to guiding others on their path to personal growth and empowerment.


Xavier is passionate about helping individuals navigate the intricate process of self-discovery, having personally experienced the profound impact of the program's principles on his own life.


Xavier Hinojosa emerged as a powerful speaker, sharing his insights and wisdom with audiences around the world alongside Trista Sue. His mission is clear: to empower and train future leaders, ensuring that the principles of self-discovery continue to transform lives globally. With Xavier as your coach, you can embark on a journey of profound personal growth and limitless opportunities.


Philippines AFC Symposium - Business Panel Q & A 1080p

Philippines AFC Symposium - Business Panel Q & A 1080p

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