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WHAT IF..... 

-You could stop convincing yourself that you are happier being "realistic" about your future...

-You could face your fear of failure and rejection from others...

-You could finally break the chains of limited belief and self sabotage..

AND IF.... 

- You were able to be the architect of your life and future..

- You could pursue your greatest dreams without being stuck in between putting food on the table and living your best life..

- You could wake up every day knowing exactly why you exist in this life and had the knowledge of how to do it. 

What would that mean for you? 



A revolutionary self-discovery program that will unlock the door to the untapped potential within you and guide you to discovering your purpose in life! In this course you will: 

  • Discover Your Unique Purpose

  • Unleash Hidden Talents

  • Create Your Life Vision

Individuals who take this program have said goodbye to their past filled with rejection and fear, they broke the chains of limited belief and became the architects of their life by discovering their unique purpose and pursuing what sets their soul on fire! 

And the great news is, you can too! 


- You are serious about discovering your purpose in life and following your passions

-You are ready to completely abandon the mentality that has lead you to the unfulfilled life that you live

-You are ready to crack the code to thrive in times of crisis and uncertainty

-You want to make an impact in your community but are not sure how

- You are ready to elevate your thinking and become a true Agent of Change 


Self Reflection

We help you begin the process of unlocking mental barriers in your mind and the misconceptions that you have of yourself that are negative and self sabotaging. The goal is to get you thinking like the leader that you were born to be. 

Pinpointing Your Purpose

The goal in life is to discover the reason for your existence. Nothing is worse than you being alive and not knowing why. You will receive tools that will help you unlock your potential and will ignite the spark needed to discover why you were born.

Capture Your Life Vision

You will learn how to document a detailed vision for your life. Think of a vision as the road map to your future. A vision will help you avoid pitfalls and will give you the confidence that you are in charge of your destiny! 

Keys to Personal Success

You will learn time tested principles that you can apply in every area of your life. With the application of time tested principles you will experience long lasting success and live the stress free life you have always wanted. 

Kingdom Economics & Business Principles 

You will learn the fundamental principles of the economy of God and the benefits of applying those principles in your business that will help you thrive in a crisis. 

The School of Influence will provide an environment for you to unearth your dreams and teach you the principles of true success! Having the right tools (principles) will eliminate uncertainty about your future. And instead you will develop bold confidence about pursuing your dreams.


You will gain in depth insights from qualified facilitators who have all taken the program and teach from their personal experience, not just a textbook. 


Our approach is simple; it’s the student that determines the lesson, not the teacher.


Questions are the bedrock of our program! We believe that when a question is asked, the classroom begins. 



- Create an account on our Agents For Change APP (free) 

-Register for the program 

-Purchase course workbooks and recommended reading on AMAZON

-Complete the unit and recommended reading before each class

-Attend virtual classroom with questions 

Or.. go at your preferred pace

- Create a free account on our Agents For Change APP

-Purchase the courses at your preferred pace

-Order the course workbook & recommended reading from Amazon

-Have Questions? Book a 1:1 call with the facilitator 

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