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This team of leaders have sat under the tillage of Trista Sue Kragh, a protege of Dr Myles Munroe.


Each have been trained in time-tested principles and are certified life coaches. They are ready to assist those that desire interactive mentorship coinciding with the School of Influence for Agents of Change™ or simply life coaching sessions. You may request an individual or we will match one for you. 

Please proceed to the 'coaching/inquiry form' button above to sign up.

Sheila Nazaire- Thebaud
Family Service Worker / Youth Advocate
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creole, French, English
Sheila was raised by a group of nuns and her grandmother. Both of her biological parents were absent during her early years. During these years she was always questioning herself, "who am I?" When she arrived to New York she did not speak any English.  Sheila was taught many languages, except English, which caused many obstacles for her. She dropped out of college and married at a young age and had three wonderful sons. After years of searching and exploring, her family settled in Naples, Florida, which is where the search finally came to an end. She discovered "Who Sheila was" which fueled her passion for being an advocate for the youth. She is therefore deeply committed to impact the youth 's curiosity in order for them to be who they were predestined to be. 
Melissa Belz
Mom / Author / Educator
Russelville, Arkansas
As a former elementary school teacher and reading specialist Melissa enjoyed watching the students grow and have their ah-ha moments when learning. After hearing the message of the Kingdom of God, it became clear that her purpose is to empower the students not only to be life long learners, but to become visionary leaders in the area of their gifts and talents. She believes it is our utmost responsibility to cultivate and inspire the leader within, because each and every person has an important solution that will affect generations to come. She is the CoAuthor of E.P.I.C. and the School of Influence: Next Generation Curriculum.
Debra Horner
Executive Administrator
Houston, Texas
Debra, a business executive, has worked for several multi-million dollar corporations over the past 30 years. Born and raised in rural Houston, she began attending church in her early 20’s. In 2006, she moved from Houston to Naples for the ministry position she thought she always wanted, but realized it really wasn't what she desired. After being introduced to the Kingdom she left the church in pursuit of her purpose in 2011 and has not looked back. In February 2015, she resigned her corporate position to assist with the vision of training individuals to become Agents Of Change.
Xavier Hinojosa
Resident DJ / Life Coach / Youth Ambassador
California, USA
Since the age of 10 Xavier wanted to be an entertainer and travel the world inspiring millions. He also began to develop a passion to help young people to follow their dreams and help them make it a reality. Xavier believes that you should do what you love & love what you do! We were all born with a gift to serve a purpose. There is nothing better in life than doing what you were born to do!
Rose Young
Substance Abuse Counselor / Youth Advocate
Nassau, Bahamas
Rose was raised in the poorest and most dangerous neighborhood in Miami, Florida, and has experienced firsthand how living haphazardly and without vision can be a determent to your future. Now she uses her life experience to empower and inspire youth and women to live a purposeful life while dreaming big! She co-founded SWFL Youth Empowerment Project in Naples, Florida; which creates a fun environment for youth to discover their purpose, potential, and vision. As a certified substance abuse counselor, Rose also uses her influence in the Criminal Justice Inmate's Recovery Program for women. Being trained by the best, she is dedicated and believes in the philosophy of, “Transforming Followers Into Leaders and Leaders Into Agents of Change”. She is married to Vaughn Young of 18 years and has three amazing children: Artisha, Tra'Vaughn and Tra'Quavia.
Lisa Chung
Co-Founder of Kenley College
United Kingdom
Dr. Lisa-Anne Chung is the President of Kenley College. She is a Leadership Strategy Coach and Consultant.  Having served on various government, international and academic boards, Dr. Chung has coached young political leaders, provided consultation on political leadership strategy, and developed multi-sectoral strategies and solutions that have influenced national and international transformation and development.  She has also helped to establish, or advise on the establishment of businesses based in the UK, North America, and the Caribbean.
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