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Everyone has the ability to be a leader and true agent of change, but it takes a certain mentality to become one. Change must start with your mentality; then it can extend to your realm of influence. This training contains principles and tools that, once applied, will make personal and national transformation possible. 

Let the change begin with you!

Figure It Out
E.P.I.C. Guidebook
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Agents For Change Video Vault
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Agents For Change Youtube Channel

The first Agents of Change Symposium was hosted January of 2017, where change agents gathered together as a collective of leaders with the same goal, empowering and impacting their communities for the Kingdom of God. Access the 2017, 2018, and 2019 Agents Of Change Symposium Video Sessions. Click the image above to purchase your access.

*Registering for the 2023 Agents of Change Symposium? Access the 2017 Symposium here to fulfill the requirement.

The Rediscovering the Kingdom Retreat was hosted for those who are seeking the Kingdom - to know, understand, and apply the truth that God created and established for us before the foundations of the world. Access the video sessions from the 2015, 2016, and 2017 Retreats. 

Rediscovering the Kingdom Retreat 2015 $20

Rediscovering the Kingdom Retreat 2016 $49

Rediscovering the Kingdom Retreat 2017 $49

Click on the image above to gain access.

As habitual students and disciples, learning, growing, developing, and being is a part of life. Access several video teachings about the Kingdom, leadership, and practically living in the Kingdom as a leader and change agent impacting society. Subscribe to Trista Sue's YouTube Channel, and start watching today.

Click the image above to access her channel.

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